Procedure of a foundation

You know what the name of the company should be, the purpose of the company has been determined, the share denomination or the common shares have been determined, the company has a domicile, then you can start:

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1. founder‍

At least one founder is required to establish a company; the founder(s) may be a natural person or a legal entity.

2. share capital or capital stock‍

The share capital or nominal capital of the company to be formed must be paid into a blocked account at a Swiss bank. For a stock corporation with a minimum capital of CHF 100,000, at least CHF 50,000 must be paid in; for a limited liability company, at least CHF 20,000 must be paid in.

Once the Company has been entered in the Commercial Register, its capital is once again fully available to the Company.

3. certification

Mit einer öffentlichen Beurkundung, wird der Gründungsakt der Gesellschaft vollzogen. In dieser öffentlichen Urkunde erklären der oder die Gründer eine Aktiengesellschaft oder Gesellschaft mit< beschränkter Haftung zu gründen, legen die Statuten fest und bestellen die Organe der Gesellschaft.

4. registration

With the certified certificate of incorporation, the company is applied for registration at the commercial registry office of the future registered office. Depending on the canton, the company is usually registered within 5 - 10 days.

Company with a sound foundation.

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