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In principle, it is possible to choose between own premises with a full-fledged business address and a c/o address. For some time now, the use of pure "letterbox companies", which however appear to the outside world as fully-fledged companies, has been regulated more closely. In this regard, a new leaflet on legal domicile was issued in November 2009: Legal Domicile Fact Sheet.

For the start of a company it can be quite sensible to initially choose a solution with a so-called "virtual office", as you may be on the road a lot, control your company via cell phone and notebook, but have the administration at the registered office of your company and can also use premises there as required. In order for such a solution to have a hand and foot and to be established according to the regulations, there are some things to consider and to fulfill, where we will be happy to advise you and choose the right solution for your company together with you.

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